At ThormacEV, we specialize in creating  Proper Electric vehicles.  Our vehicles stay true to the original soul of the car:

  • Reasonable Range
  • Full speed
  • Comparable performance
  • Everything works Properly


Our conversions are designed for real people who want real cars to drive normally.  ThormacEV vehicles are at home on the freeway, and have ranges that allow proper suburban to urban commuting without requiring recharging during the day.  Everything works (heating, air conditioning, power windows, etc); nothing has been robbed from the soul of the original car except its dependence on gasoline.


The car becomes a zero-emission, quiet, green car that yearns to be used every day, and because nothing has been sacrificed in the conversion, you will want to use it every day:

  1. Lower operating costs

  2. Greener outlook for the planet not only due to lower emissions, but also because the car has become more efficient

  3. Special privileges granted to Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) drivers

  4. Independence from foreign oil

  5. State and national tax incentives


An electric vehicle is nothing more and nothing less than the ability for you, the driver, to choose exactly how to fuel your transportation needs.  A Proper Electric Vehicle lets you make that choice without diminishing the relationship you have with your car.